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Realiste guides you to the most profitable deals. You can get detailed information on Dubai, Moscow, New York and other cities investment opportunities in real time.
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Artificial Intelligence is the power of the Realist. It searches for the best options, creates selections, and makes predictions, all in a matter of minutes.
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Realiste selects listings from the top 10 and top 100 best offers on the market based on your preferences.
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Realiste researches the markets for comparable assets and provides you with the detailed sales history of each one
Price and rent growth forecast
Realiste predicts apartment and rental price fluctuations in 3, 12, and even 36 months based on more than 200 parameters
Realiste helps to manage your investment portfolio efficiently and land profitable deals on time
Real-time portfolio tracker
New way to invest.
Speed and accuracy are the main advantages of Realist . Comparing to a traditional broker, Realiste is able to work with so much information quickly and very effectively. This is as it has to be in real estate investment. This is new normal
New normal.
Traditional investing
Can find the best option out of a thousand in live mode
Protection against misprisining
and misselings
Instant evaluation
by 200 parameters and ROI forecast
An opportunity to buy and sell property online safely
Why customers like Realiste.
Stories of succes.
Michael Popov
Investor and entrepreneur
I have been investing in real estate since I was 25 years old. I know for sure how hard it is to find a profitable option to invest in. I used to spend the whole weekends searching for the right ones. Finally, Realiste gave me my free time back.

Sergey Domogatskiy,
Investor and entrepreneur
Realiste develops state-of-the-art technologies which disrupt the way to approach real estate as an investment. In addition, they promise high profitability. What is valuable is that Company supports high standards of openness and transparency by sharing

the results of their work with partners and investors

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We are here to answer your questions
What is Realiste?
Realiste is a platform that enables you to invest in real estate efficiently. Powered by AI, it gathers and analyzes the data on properties and instantly provides you with the most suitable and profitable options.
What data does it use?
Our algorithms track and collect information from governmental and public sources. Depending on the country and city, we can use data from 20 to 120 databases.
How much should I pay to Realiste?
You may use Realiste for free. You will be granted access to real estate assets with discounts up to 7%. They are marked by green stars on our map.

There are some more juicy assets with discounts up to 25% which are hidden on our platform by the violet-colored stars. To see those properties, you will need to gain a PRO account. We are happy to assist you with your journey and provide you with all the necessary details.
What else can you do for me?
Realiste has partnered with dozens of real estate developers as well as banks. They help us to provide you with the best programs to finance your investment deals.
We also offer you our legal support and may assist with the collective investment process.
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