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Personal online broker
for real estate investing
AI that helps you to make a better choice in real estate investing across the globe. 6 markets live: Dubai, London, Moscow, Riyad, Abu Dhabi, New York
Realiste AI
Markets live
About our AI
and mission
Specific for real estate investors and HNWI
We are focusing on the digitalization of real estate markets and understanding the trends and opportunities around the world.
We want to help our users make smart decisions so we do not display real estate pictures and focus on numbers and data. Our mission: make the best experience for our users, protect them from losing money, and help them be successful.
Uniqueness of AI Realiste
These are the 3 most popular AI properties of the dozens that we have created for you
Save 10x of your time on search
Selections of the best apartments for investment
Know the future in advance
12-month price and rent forecast
Get estimation on any property for 10 sec
AI takes into account more than 200 parameters and factors to make an analysis of the value of real estate
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