Our company
Shiva AI is an investment manager for real estate.
Shiva AI eliminates "the magic" out of real estate investing. Shiva AI collects the data, analyses it and makes reports super easy to understand and make a data-driven decision. Shiva AI highlights great deals and obviates the rubbish deals.

We are building the company with the goal to double real estate investors count by 2035 worldwide.
Let's turn the complexity of real estate investing in the easy decision
For the first time in the history of real estate investing, artificial intelligence opens eyes to why some investors succeed and some lose money. Impossible insights up to this point can now be accessed thanks to technology
Management team
The international team of real estate investors, software developers, and data scientists
Alexey Galtsev
Anton Baronov
Mo Affifi
Managing director
Az Hudaygulov
Product manager
Software development team
Our development team has been working together for 9 years. In the past, developing software for leading banks in Russia and the Russian government
Data scientists team
The Shiva AI datasite team is the driving force behind our company. Excellence in data and analysis is our key concern.
Real estate team
We invest in real estate and create our product in the close participation of other investors, together combining more than 100 years of experience in real estate investments in different coun