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We are realists
Our mission is to give people the Last Freedom.

Realiste stands at the forefront of revolutionizing how individuals perceive and engage with the real estate sector. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Realiste aims to demystify the complex world of real estate investment, offering tools and insights that can help individuals make informed decisions. These AI-driven tools can analyze various parameters, including current and future infrastructure developments, market demand-supply dynamics, and the potential impacts of large-scale projects in determining the most promising investment locations and opportunities.

Executive Profiles
Damon Zem
Managing Director of Asia
Damon Grig
Chief Operating Officer
Damon Grig
Head of Secondary Market
Viktoria Savo
Head of Partnerships (SIRI)
Anastasia Shalmieva
Head of HR department
Dennis Nov
Head of Support
Dora Art
Head of PR Department
Ed Sayf
Head of Sales
Investment Experts
Murad Mahmud
Investment Expert
Demian Vosk
Investment Expert
Nik Sosh
Investment Expert
John Lakoza
Investment Expert
Eugene Chec
Investment Expert
Julia Kir
Investment Expert
Pauline Pod
Investment Expert
Adham Badalbaev
Investment Expert
Alex Chern
Investment Expert
Alex Vin
Investment Expert
Julia Mana
Investment Expert
Anastasia Tikh
Investment Expert
Vit Bor
Investment Expert
Rakhmatullo Shamsiev
Investment Expert
Arthur Masterson
Investment Expert
Damon Gush
Investment Expert
Our values
It is important for us to be in the field with our clients and partners, show all processes, remain transparent and understandable.
There are always multiple paths. Our credo is to choose a rational one, move boldly and change direction if the result is not pleasing. We are always on the move. Entrepreneurship and flexibility are everything.
Without goals and aspirations, we won't get anywhere. We set impossible tasks for ourselves and push our limits while congratulating each other along the way on new victories.
You can achieve something significant with only a great team. A good team is not defined by a single strong player, but a collection of of individuals coming together as one. Our strength lies in unity and mutual assistance.
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