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Realiste family club
Realiste Family Club is a high-quality and personalized service for clients who invest more than $1 million in Dubai real estate. Our service can significantly improve the quality of life of customers and provide them with a high level of comfort, convenience and security.
Lead Realiste Family Department
Hello there! I'm delighted to welcome you to our dedicated chat, Realiste Family Club! My name is Anna, and I lead the Realiste Family department.

Realiste Family is a concept designed to enhance the quality of life for our clients, providing them with a high level of comfort, safety, and personalized service. This service is exclusively available in Dubai.

  • Property search and organizing property viewings with detailed information about the area's infrastructure, investment opportunities, and recommendations for your selection.
  • Relocation assistance, including long-term apartment search and help with connecting utilities such as DEWA, EJARI, internet, and other additional inquiries.
  • School or nursery selection and arrangement for your children.
  • Hotel or apartment selection and booking during your stay in Dubai.
  • Ensuring client confidentiality, assistance in interaction with government agencies and lawyers.
  • Car rental or airport transfer arrangements.
  • Driver's license application.
  • Support in setting up companies in Dubai.
We are ready to help make your stay in Dubai as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Additionally, we will organize offline events where you can ask any questions and get to know our team better. We will announce all the events in this chat in advance. We will also share life hacks, case studies, and useful information about life in Dubai. If you have any personal inquiries, you can visit our office. We would be happy to see you!
Any questions?
If you have any personal inquiries, you can visit our office. We would be happy to see you!
You can arrange a Zoom Call or meeting through Varvara.