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"The Max Story"


Dubai City, UAE

"The Fedor Story"


Dubai City, UAE
"The Saadique Story"


Dubai City, UAE
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  • Saadique
    Real estate investor
    Was looking for a way to invest in real estate overseas. Not all projects have been successful in the past. Recently got in touch with Realiste, and the guys provided me with a transparent platform. I am now closely monitoring the dynamics of my investments. Recommend this company!
  • Max
    Real estate investor
    I invested with Realiste in the Sobha One project in Dubai.For 9 months I received an IRR (annualized return) of 69.6%. Withdrew from the deal in September 2023. A very cool company, I advise all real estate investors to work with them.
  • Andreas
    Real estate agent
    I'm a real estate agent, working with Realiste.They offer 91% for the deals, thats amazing. Moreover they offer Instant payment for the closed deals - 80% from the commission
  • Mohammed
    Real estate investor
    My friend told me about AI in Real estate and I also decided to try to invest in real estate through this platform. A lot of information is provided. The most favorite tool is the forecast for the next 5 years. Very useful for the long term investments
  • Pol
    Real estate investor
    I'm from Europe and have been investing in Dubai for the last 5 years. I can tell you one thing - a transparent real estate market is the key to success for investors. Realiste is doing UAE market transparent
  • Anna
    Real estate agent in Dubai
    The most amazing company to work with in Dubai. 80% Instant commission next day after closing the deal.
  • John
    Real estate investor
    I was visiting the events of the company with the speaker - Alex Galt. It was really cool to meet the real estate investment community here in Dubai.
  • Kay
    Real estate investor
    In 9 months I made 26,6% ROI after I sold the unit in Sobha Hartland in August 2023. I remember myself - trying to buy something on the secondary market and thanks to Realiste changed the opinion.
  • Juan
    Real estate investor
    The team of professionals. The first AI in real estate in Dubai. I have never seen this before.
  • Chris
    Real estate investor
    A big plus in the work of the managers - they will tell you everything, and handle every question in detail, because they tell numbers I had a lot of questions about the purchase and they managed to answer them all. They work individually with each request
  • Nik
    Real estate investor
    Last year I bought some apartments with Realiste. I'm not selling them, but I already see the positive growth. Now I'm investing to Abu Dhabi.
  • Liam
    Personally, I use the data of Realiste to sell the property to clients more efficiently. They have the data - the necessary source to give the real picture of the market
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