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Let patients and families experience your facility before their first visit with a 3D tour, making them feel comfortable and at ease before their appointment. They can independently explore your property from anywhere and at any time, generating increased interest and interest.
Adding tags
Each 3D tour has the ability to add tags to highlight items of interest. Tell visitors about your current collection right on the 3D tour.
Accurate floor plans and point cloud scanning

For a small additional fee, 2D floor plans can be provided with your 3D tour. The Pro2 camera uses lidar to give you the exact dimensions of an object. There is no longer a need to hire an expensive CAD specialist or use office staff to create floor plans that may use old measurements. With the help of our scanning cameras, we can provide you with current accurate measurements and square feet. 3D point cloud files can also be provided for Revit, AutoCAD and SketchUp.
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