Digital twin virtual experiences in 3D/VR
Get everything you need for immersive real estate marketing from a single 3D Scan –
virtual tour including floor plans, 2D photography, and more...
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What is a 3D/VR model for?

For presentations
and reporting
  • High degree of visibility
  • Remote access 24/7
  • The ability to independently view the details of interest
For marketers
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Accelerate customer decision making
  • Change of target audience
  • Prestige

For learning
  • Platform for learning (simulators)
  • Ease of use
  • Informativeness (sizes, additional information)

For sales department
  • Remote display of the object
  • Shortening the stages of the sales funnel
  • Increasing level of trust
    Portfolio & Clients
    Exhibition "Mode of Silence"

    Exhibition "Soft Motherland"

    State Historical Museum

    "Gorki Leninskie"
    Gzhel Porcelain Factory

    Cathedral of Christ the Savior

    RSU them. A.N. Kosygina

    PET Technology

    Why choose us?
    We have already photographed more than 200,000 sq.m. areas and we know what we are talking about.
    • On the market for over 4 years
    • We attract tens of thousands of new customers by placing the model on Google and Yandex Maps
    • Over 3 million views of our 3D/VR models
    How to increase business profitability with the help of a selling virtual tour?
    Increases loyalty and trust(+7%)
    Place a 3D model of your location on the map in order to convey the atmosphere of your establishment
    Informativeness of the object (+10%)
    Emphasize the benefits to your customers with interactive cards placed in a 3D model
    Time saving (+13%)
    Save your time on physical showings of your properties in order to concentrate on the most interested clients
    Search Improvement (+9%)
    Improve the position of your site in search results by improving the behavioral factor (a virtual tour encourages visitors to stay on the site 3 times longer)
    Game form of study (+7%)
    A virtual tour increases the involvement of the client, he can wander around your locations like in a computer game and look at what interests him, opening information cards tied to various objects
    Sales increase (+5%)
    The use of a 3D tour will undoubtedly raise the image of your company, and show its manufacturability and innovation, which cannot but affect sales
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    How we are working?
    As a result of cooperation, you will receive:
    • Link to 3D tour
    • HTML-code to hide the 3D tour on the site
    • Volumetric mini 3D model of the object
    • Video tour of the facility
    • Photo of the object in high resolution
    • Panoramas 360
    • Monthly conversion data
    • Uploading media data (photo, video, booking, order
    * check conditions with a specialist
    Our Clients
    Thank you for your excellent work.
    We are professionals and love to work with professionals in our field.
    Artur Tukaev
    Thank you for your individual approach and timely work.
    Alexander Korotchenko
    Main manager of store sales "Henderson"
    I am a serious person and appreciate the quality of work. Thanks for the quality work!
    Sergei Domogatsky
    Our goal is to make Coworking NIK as autonomous as possible. During the pandemic, we decided to minimize contact with people by introducing 3D tours in our coworking spaces. Thanks to 3D tours, people can see the room they need online in advance and make their choice!
    Network of coworking spaces Coworking NIK
    Our club is 4000 thousand m2, it is difficult to reflect such a scale in photographs. The photographs were flat and reflected the club only partially, while thanks to the 3D model, it was possible to achieve complete immersion in the object. Thanks to the 3D model, the client can visit our club while sitting at home, during an office coffee break or bored in a traffic jam - this significantly speeds up the decision
    Network of fitness clubs "Онегинъ"
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    Moscow, Kapranova lane, 3
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Телефон : +74991123022