Realiste ai
Widget for website and advertising campaigns with instant real estate appraisal
AI Realist helps clients on the site evaluate their apartment, find the most suitable one in your project, and choose a mortgage rate in a bank in 10 seconds

Reduces customer acquisition cost (CAC) by 2x↓
Audiences: apartment buyers, mortgages, investors.

How it works?
The technology helps to find the best solution for the client's housing situation on your project website in 10 seconds:

After the application, we brand the widget for your client on our side and give quick instructions for installing it We advise your technical support on the transfer of customer data and sign an agreement We give recommendations on the production of creatives and platforms for an advertising campaign, as well as share scripts for effective work with clients

Website and Campaign Conversion Growth*
This happens because people who live near your project, who have not previously considered buying a new apartment, start leaving their contacts in the widget
Customer processing speed*
According to our data, 3 projects in business class were able to build more targeted communication with clients after the Realist widget, as they had much more information than from classic creatives
Growth of qualified applications*
We were able to help reduce the cost of clients by 2 times even for the most expensive projects in 2 cities of Russia in the advertising budget of campaigns from 1 million rubles
Data security
API integration and data transfer to the client side
Each application will be stored in the Realist internal system, access to which only you and the system developers have. Any access to the client's phone is recorded: the time of access to the record and which user viewed the information. Data is transferred via API to your CRM in the following format: 1) Location of apartment search 2) Client's budget 3) Contact details 4) Estimation of the market price of the client's apartment 5) Suitable options for the client from your database of apartments
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